Emmanuel Madugu

Dotun is a fresh undergraduate I met in February 2019 after the prolonged National ASSU Strike. I shared “the bridge illustration” (a tool used for evangelism) with him and because he was so curious to know what I was up to, I showed him “the wheel illustration” (another tool for establishing young believers in Christ), and explained how I was discipled through all of these processes. He told me he gave his life to Christ while in senior secondary school 2 (High school) and now he wants to effectively share his faith just as I am doing right now with him.

We have been meeting with other freshers like him for some time as we examine the Bible together. He has lots of questions and is anxious to learn so much at a time. The most amazing thing he has come to understand about God is His amazing love for him through Christ Jesus, and he is ready at anytime to share this truth with anyone he meets. This often stirs up argument with his friends on campus and because he is vocal, he was left alone. This bothered him so much that he told me “I can’t talk with anybody and not talk about Christ. And when I do, my friends just feel I’m bothering them.”

One question Dotun keeps asking while we study is, “how do I take the bend as I discuss with my friends?” So I decided that we study ‘witnessing’. We saw some of the ways Jesus began His discussion and took the bend to talk about salvation. One of his highlights was Zacchaeus, he kept re-emphasizing on how Jesus could just see a man on the tree and book an appointment to eat in his house.

The last time we met, Dotun shared two names with me whom he will begin to study the Bible with.

Pls. Pray Act 4:20, that he will be able to skillfully share his faith with his friends in a non-threatening way.

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