Prayer and Missions Conference Update – A Letter The National Director

Dear family
Since the outbreak of the COVID 19 in January, the world has increasingly been gripped by fear as the virus spreads. In many places, life is no longer normal as societal functions are being disrupted. Countries are on lockdown, travel restrictions are in place and large populations are under quarantine in an effort to contain the spread of this virus.
We deeply sympathize with those who have been affected globally and locally.

Back home, the national missions and prayer conference is just 3 weeks away. We have consulted widely on the implications for us and we feel strongly that it is important that we postpone the conference. It is not a decision we have made lightly considering the importance of the conference.
Though there is yet limited spread in the country, we think it is too risky to bring people from all over Nigeria together at this critical period as we do not have the capacity to manage its implications.

We think it is better to err on the side of caution than exposing a large portion of our community to unforeseen danger or the anxiety that will follow such a national gathering.

We are therefore postponing the conference. A new date will be announced in due course.
We call on all to step up prayers that God will show us mercy and halt the spread of the virus.
Pray Psalm 91:1-4 that He will keep us safe in His dwelling place.

We implore everyone to adhere strictly to prescribed preventive measures as we desire that we all stay safe.

Thank you for your commitment towards the advance of the gospel and your understanding at this period. We regret all the inconvenience this decision will bring your way.


Okike Offia
National Director

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