When God is in the Centre of your Home

One of the couples visited and this is what they said “We appreciate your visit. Thank you very much and God bless you”.

A lot of difficulties noticed in some of the relationships were due to blunt disobedience to God and His word.

I came back last Saturday (28/03/2020) from Jos after spending 2 weeks visiting some couples. I had a one on one interaction with 18 of them. It is thrilling to see what God is doing in each of their lives and relationships. Most of them are making efforts to please the Lord and use His word as the basis for running their homes.

We excited to meet with 5 young couples who are being helped by Mark and Leah (Mary and I were with Mark and Leah for two years mentoring and coaching them). They shared how their time together had helped them in facing various adjustment challenges.

They greatly appreciate the investment made in their marriages by Mark and Leah. Some of the couples have said, they will like to do same for others by the time they finish their “training” under Mark and Leah (the couples have made a 2-year commitment to achieve this).

Seeing potential leaders raised through their commitment to living Christ-like lives and thinking generational gave me great joy. Mark and Leah planned my itinerary and it was heavy but I remain grateful to them for a job well done. Some of the couples, just like most relationships have one challenge or another. One thing that came very prominent is that the more we know God and His Word, and make up our minds to obey Him, the better the relationship both with God and one another. A lot of difficulties noticed in some of the relationships were due to blunt disobedience to God and His word. Please pray that we will all choose always to obey and please the Lord.

We will appreciate if you can take out your time to pray with us using the following prayer pointers:
1) Thank God for answering all the prayer items committed to him prior to the trip.
2) Pray that God will bless those that prayed and/or gave towards the trip.
3) Pray for all the couples that are doing well in their relationship, that they will not relent but put more effort in promoting all that will make the relationship better.
4) Pray for those having one challenge or another that, they will live in obedience to God and His word.
5) Pray for EK, the husband is having a health challenge (he was recently diagnosed to have a heart-related problem and has been grounded). EK is not finding it easy financially, physically and emotionally. Pray the Lord to please intervene in their situation and grant miraculous healing to her and husband. They have 2 children who are less than 6 years old.

The story we have just shared with you wouldn’t have been possible if not because you supported the trip financially and with your prayers. May the Lord bless everyone accordingly. More than ever before. Mary and I are convinced that we should continue to raise disciples for Christ through the family.

We are privileged and appreciate you.

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