The Steadfastness to Keep in Touch with the Light of God’s Word

The Steadfastness to Keep in Touch with the Light of God’s Word

Realities of life around us sometimes drive us into deep passions to know, love, and become all God has freely given us. One scorching afternoon I got a call from a young lady, she said “Hi aunty B, I am around your neighbourhood and would love to see you. Are you around?” a few minutes later, a beautiful young woman was at the door. She was someone I had not seen for a while and all I could say was “Wow, Ruth, nice to see you”. We hugged each other so hard we wanted to make up for the times we had not seen each other.

Ruth was one of the students I used to have Bible study time with while she was on campus, she graduated as a law student four years ago from the varsity where I minister.  Exchanging pleasantries, light refreshments, with lots of laughs, the house was warm once again like in the old school days of fellowship!

On the spur of the moment, Ruth said with an agitating voice, “could we have bible study now aunty B?” (aunty B is the name I’m called)– “Bible study?” I replied. “Yes, Bible study” Ruth repeated. After a moment of silence, “How can we have a bible study right away?” I asked. Then, the passionate eyes rolled up and said, “I feel like I am totally lost since I left our small group. Life has not been the same after graduation. The workplace is so busy that I constantly feel l am missing something.  In the church, everyone seems to mind his or her own business. No one seems to care about a small group bible study. I feel deep within me that there is something more I need to know, believe, and understand about God. It’s a deep longing Aunty B. Can we have a bible study now?” With this intense request and as we processed the issue further, I realized that the issue lies in the understanding of ‘Identity and Placement in Christ. Not just about having a bible study.  

This realization launched us into a four-month bible study, we were on an adventure to search the scriptures with these four basic questions as our guideline: Who is Jesus Christ? Why did he come to earth? What did he do when he came? Who is a believer because of what he did? I invited three young ladies to join us for the study.

We have so far done the first study-Who is Jesus? It is amazing to see the findings on this question. We discovered that – Jesus is the promised Messiah who has come and restored man back to his original relationship with God- Our redeemer who has redeemed our past, present and future. Our eternal King with a Kingdom. Our eternal high priest who lives forever and making intercession for us.

Please do pray for us as we dig deep into this truths, that it will not be a heard knowledge but a deep revelation of truths that will change our mindsets to the very perspective of God and of who we really are in Him.

I will share with you our Discovery journey on “Identity and Placement in Christ” in my next article

Written by Fineman Bether Bether ministers among young men and women on campus in Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, Anambra State.

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