Focus on Youths – Focus on God

Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;

Navigators Africa Prayers for October – Focus on Youths Focus on God – Daniel 1:3-17

 1. Paint a picture of how bad things can become in Africa with a large population of young people living as slaves in other nations.

 2. List the values that the Hebrew boys demonstrated and paint a picture of how Africa will be blessed if we have young people with these values.

 3. Amidst the decadence in Judah, were these young people of outstanding values, Jeremiah played a role in their lives (Daniel 9:2). Which are some things Navigator labourers and leaders in Africa should be doing to raise transformed young people for the transformation of our nations in Africa?

 4. Which are the ‘God-factors’ in this passage, Daniel 1:3-17? Things that God in His sovereignty did to prepare these young people. Worship and thank God for how He can do much more in Africa. Pray that our faith will be strengthened to focus on God’s promises and plans for the Youths of Africa. Some realities, challenges and opportunities:

 ♦ The world’s youngest countries are all in Africa, with forecasts for 2020 showing just one non-African country – Afghanistan – in the top 20 (Data from United Nations’ World Population Prospects 2019) Such a large number of young people presents both a challenge and opportunity for the continent.

 ♦ Some of the 20 countries with about 70% below 35 years include Niger, Mali, Chad, Somalia, Uganda, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Benin, Burkina-Faso, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Senegal…

 ♦ A young population is a tremendous advantage, but Africa seems to be sleepwalking into a future of lost opportunity and, potentially, serious instability. World Bank figures show that young people represent 60% of the unemployed population in Africa. Even among those who do have a job, the vast majority are in the informal economy. If nothing is done in the coming decades’ rampant youth unemployment could represent a driver of serious social protest and forced mobility.

 ♦ Conversely, if the young population of Africa is supported via strong measures for youth training and employment, through both public policy and private sector involvement, it is an incredible opportunity for the continent’s development. Failure to address youth unemployment may also result in many young people succumbing to radicalizing content and recruitment into terrorist insurgency groups, as has already happened in Nigeria and Somalia…

 Some Reminders on how God might want us to make the most of the African youthful population and opportunities:

1. ‘If your God is so smart, why can’t He speak my language?’ The challenge a college student, Cameron Townsend met on a short-term mission that led to his commitment for everyone to hear God in their language! He was distributing Spanish Bibles when a Cakchiquel Indian confronted him with this question! He later founded Wycliffe Bible Translators which has translated the Bible into over 700 languages! The potential of young people to transform Missions! Pray we will train and make the most of the energy and courage of young people for Missions in Africa.

 2. Young people have been very instrumental in the move of the gospel, we presently do not have a lot of young people as Missionaries in The Navigators Africa. Pray we will put in place effective programs for Short Term Experiences in Mission (STEM) for young people and train those who want to be Missionaries.

 3. David was only a teenager when he led Israel to defeat Goliath and glorify God! The leaders gave him the opportunity and allowed him to use his strategy. He put aside the king’s armour, helmet, and sword to fight with a sling and stone! Young people are energetic, have great plans, ideas, and aspirations. Pray that our leaders will create environments that will embrace young people and give them the necessary support to use their energy and explore their plans and ideas for the advance of the gospel.

 4. Experience has shown that young people flourish when they are shown love, listened to and served to achieve their potentials. They shut down when they feel they are expected to fit into a planned program. Pray for changes we will need to make to effectively embrace and serve young people amidst the socio-economic and political crisis in Africa.

 5. Young people are quick in demonstrating and sharing the joy and purpose that salvation brings into their lives. Pray we will persevere in sharing the pure gospel with young people so we will maximize the blessings of salvation when they are saved. Intercede for the LORD to frustrate the adulterated versions of the gospel that is hindering change in the many young people who attend church activities in Africa.

 Some socio-economic and spiritual needs to pray for the African Youth

Do bring a prayer of repentance over the misdirection and hijacking of the initially peaceful demonstrations in Nigeria over Police brutality and other legitimate demands. Lives were lost in attacks. Banks, factories, and government buildings, buses and shopping malls were looted and damaged and some burnt. Do pray for justice and compensation for all the victims through the Judicial Panels being set up across the Country.

Do pray for effective Governments’ intervention in job creation and for the resolution of the long-drawn Lecturers’ strike and closure of Universities in Nigeria.

Lament and intercede that young people in Africa will:

1. Seek, delight and live for the hope of heaven and God’s righteousness. That the zeal of the LORD will consume worldliness and all its attractions. Cry for the spread of the gospel and revival among young people in Africa.

 2. Delight and work for excellence, especially in their academics and training. That they will be disciplined to finish well in every task.

 3. Grow in the attitude of contentment, thanking God for the opportunities they have in Africa. Ask God to bless them with creativity, insight, and wisdom to courageously explore the opportunities and resources God has blessed Africa.

 4. Take responsibility for the change needed in Africa, they will not give in to deceptions, especially by politicians, but will stand on the values of truth, integrity, hard work, respect and service that are vital for developing the community and nation.

 5. Reject immorality and sensuality that is destroying the value of relationships, eroding the dignity of life, living together, service to one another and family – the vital unit for building the nation. That young people will direct their energy, passion and creativity into worthwhile activities and enterprises, they will keep seeking to be productive.

 6. Pray that God will raise godly mentors and coaches, older people who will take responsibility and invest to mentor the young with a vision of the great things they will do for their generation and beyond.

 7. Pray that God will renew government and governance in Africa so that we will have leaders and policies that will empower the young and open opportunities so they will realize their potentials. Thank God for the many young labourers and leaders He has blessed us with in The Navigators Africa. Pray the LORD will strengthen and bless them in their different roles and responsibilities. Thank Him for how He will bless Africa with young people like Joseph, Gideon, Samuel, Jeremiah, Timothy, Titus, John-Mark… God will raise young people to be a blessing for their families, communities, nations and Africa.

8. Do thank God for delivering Blessing Madugu nee Okpara, from that accident before their wedding.

9. Do remember Faith and Felix in their traditional wedding today at Taraba State and the wedding in Jos on November 28, for God’s presence, provision and protection.

10. Do share personal requests and close in prayer.

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