The Mandate to Reproduce

The Mandate to Reproduce
Martha Innocent

2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Sannu (Hello)!

For all who have wondered and asked the question, “What’s your training like?” There is no absolute response to this question; this training is everything! For an academician, they could easily say the number of lectures with their cumulative hours for the week, but not for this training. It is about life, and literally, life for life. God promised Life, and this Life dwelt among us. Christ then left us with the mandate to reproduce through spiritual generations of labourers. That is what we are being equipped to do for the long haul.

We are being trained to study, observe and pass the scriptures on following the Great Commission command. In fact, it is safe to say the training has just begun, or yet to begin. What we have learnt in these past 18 months are basics to keep us balanced, and help us by the grace of God navigate the gospel next door to everywhere as ordinary insiders, pioneers and alongside, both professionally and locally. This training is for life!

Here below are some shared experiences from my cohorts;

“The first experience that struck me after reading the “Crescent through the Cross”, was to see the truth of Scriptures being lived out by a new believer. The effect of the gospel in a man’s life. As the training went on, the Bible came alive. These truths from the studies changed my life’s perspective completely. I was challenged and developed stronger convictions on the mandate by Christ in the Great Commission. Having seen the principle of reproducing and choosing the right few littered everywhere in the Scriptures, I can now concentrate on what matters most in life. For I am sure that, He who calls me will also see me through till the end” – Reuben

“The last one year has given me the privilege to sharpen and strengthen my skills on how to study, think and do ministry, I have been able to experience and appreciate the need for a team. The training has shaped my vision for life and ministry. Lessons from the example of Jesus’ ministry with the disciples and the crowd have inculcated the need to continue walking closely with the LORD, multiplying labourers, and deepening my understanding of Scriptures. – Andrew

“The whole training experience has sharpened my skills for discipleship and evangelism, and also deepened my walk with Christ. Every day and everywhere is a learning experience. This is a life-changing experience.”

Thankful for:

Continued virtual Bible Studies with students, and the lessons we are learning together from scripture.

God’s faithfulness throughout the training. We have had renewed strength, good health, and safety. 

Please consider praying for:

 The security of the country, and that our hearts will continue to find rest in the Lord. Us to have the diligence to the very end.

Thank you

Martha Innocent

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