How To Support Navigators Field Ministry Partners

Finally, brethren, pray for us that the Word of the Lord may spread rapidly… 1Thessalonians

    • Have courage to advance the Gospel in creative ways
    • Connect with key men and women to reach and disciple others
    • Stay encouraged, biblically rooted and focused on what God has called them to do
    • Receive full funding so they can dedicate their time to ministry
How to use our Support System

We have signed up for phone payment to our GTbank acount.

  1. You can now send in your donations through your phones using the code *737*32*amount*190# (i.e *727*32*25000*190#)
  2. You will get an SMS with the detatils of the transaction.
  3. You can then send an SMS to this number, (National Office: 08053996522) notifying the purpose of your donation so we can track your gift.

Invest financially in the Navigators Ministry