Many working individuals are constantly facing a barrage of issues and pressures they have to deal with at work and life and are often carried by it. Thus, losing the focus of the duty post-God has assigned to them and likewise forgetting to have and live life to its fullest.

Full Life Empowerment Program (FLEP) in association with Legion of Hope Empowerment organized two-day training for the Workplace Missionaries on Effective ministry in the workplace and Personal financial planning (Financial Freedom) was held between 9th and 10th of June 2018 to fulfil the mandate of FLEP in accordance with John 10:10.

The first day of the training charged workplace missioners to have three vision components; to flourish at the workplace, have community impact and be missional at work. The Facilitator motivated participants to work for God while working in our professional fields; recognizing our work environment as God’s duty post.

Missioners were encouraged to value the need for continuous personal development (self-improvement) in order to flourish in work and in life. It was noted that it is not enough to be effective at work but to efficiently work, doing the right thing at the minimal cost. Efficiency at work cannot be achieved by an individual workforce, but by working together to get the best result.

Relationships were established during the training; Participants got to know about each other, their skill set, how they are motivated and the lapses they are experiencing in their skills giving room to an opportunity to get help in order to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

The last day of the training propelled participants into a spot-on awakening on how to plan personal financial life to achieve financial freedom and have a life lived to the fullest. Financial freedom is described as freedom from active income (money earned while working) and enslavement of money, having enough to leave a legacy. The session strongly urges participants to intentionally work towards having the ultimate measure of financial success through saving and investment. Intentionally saving from incomes received no matter how small it may be and to invest (stock, real estate, etc.) to have a secured future.

This is noted not to only be applied to our financial life but also applicable spiritually; while attaining the ultimate measure of financial success we should also attain the ultimate measure of spiritual success in our mission work.

Participants are empowered to work towards having a full life in their professional work and as a missionary, which produces the fullness of joy that we all long for as we navigate through life. Why not join us to get invested in the fullness of life God promised and see you living life abundantly to the fullest.

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